St. Mary's Soccer Picture Days Schedule Information

St. Mary’s Soccer Announces the Fall 2016 Picture Days in conjunction with Classic-Photo 

All U06 - U19 recreational/recplus teams please arrive ONE HOUR prior to your game to get your photos taken on the dates listed below. Any Recreational or RecPlus teams without home games on the dates listed may go to any location at any time and work in to have their photos done. It is up to the coaches or a team representative to coordinate a time for the team to meet, etc. The photo folks do not need to know that you are coming if you do not have a game on this date.  Feel free to show up whenever but do have your team organized and ready to go. 

September 17th is picture day for All U06 through U19 Recreational and RecPlus teams who play at Chaptico, Hollywood and Chancellors' Run Regional Park.  Pictures at Chaptico will be held on Field #3.  Pictures at Chancellors Run Park will be in the green space between Field #2 and the Loffler Center; Pictures at Hollywood will be held in the green space to the left of Field #1. 

September 24th is picture day for Saturday 9am Kiddie Kick Session at Chaptico; Pictures begin at 8am before the Kiddie Kick Session. Photos will be taken on Chaptico Field 3

September 24th is picture day for Saturday 8am Kiddie Kick Session at Chancellor's Run; Pictures begin at 9am after the Kiddie Kick Session. Photos will be taken in the green space next to Field #2 and the Loffler Center. 

October 4th is picture day for Tuesday 1pm Kiddie Kick Session on CRRP Field 4. Photos will be taken at 2pm after the Kiddie Kick Session on Field #4. 

October 4th is picture day for Tuesday 6pm Kiddie Kick Session on CRRP Field 4. Photos will be taken at 7pm after the Kiddie Kick Session on Field #4

Here is the link for the picture packages. There will be forms available on picture days as well. 

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