SMU Accomplishments
BOYS Teams
SMU United (White and Red) U-9B 
2013 Richmond Kickers Columbus Day Tournament Champions
SMU Warriors   U-10B Red
SYA Cardinal Cup Champions2012
Battlefield Tournament Champions2012
Virginian Tournament Champions2013
August Cup Champions2013
SMU Warriors   U-10B White
2013 Richmond Kickers Columbus Day Tournament Finalists
SMU Lightning U-11B
2012 Gettysburg Tournament  Finalist 
2013 Gettysburg Tournament  Champions
Virginia Beach Columbus Day Finalist 
2013 Commonwealth Invitational - finalist
SMU Wolf Pack  U-12B
2010 August Cup Champions
2011 St Patrick's Day Tournament Finalist
2011 VB Sun Cup Champions
2012 Gettysburg Blue Gray Cup Champions
2012 NVSC Battlefield Cup Champions
2012 Capitol Cup Spring Breakout Champions
2013 Virginia Elite Showcase Champion
Spring 2013 NCSL DI 2nd Place
Fall 2013 NCSL DI 1st Place
SMU Rampage U-12B
Spring 2013 NCSL D8 1st Place
Fall 2013 NCSL D7 2nd Place
2013  Stafford St. Patrick's Day Finalist
2013 Commonwealth Invitational - finalist
SMU Dynamo U-13B
Spring 2010 - Colonial Cup - Finalist
Fall 2010 - VA Beach Sun Cup - Co-Champion
Spring 2011 - SASA St. Patrick's Day Tournament - Finalist
Spring 2012 - NCSL Division 6 - First Place
Fall 2012 - Virginia Cup - Champion
Spring 2014 - SASA St. Patrick's Day Tournament - Champion
SMU U-14B Rangers
2009 Beach FC Spring Classic Finalist
2009 August Cup Champion
2010 Virginian Champion
2012 NCSL D3 3rd Place (Spring)
2012 Virginian Sportsmanship Award
2012 NCSL D2 2nd Place (Fall)
2012 PWSI Toys for Tots Champion
2012 NVSC Battlefield Finalist
2013 PWSI Icebreaker Finalist
2013 Virginian Elite Showcase Finalist
SMU Impact  U-14B 
2012 BBSL Runner-Up 
2012 NVSC Battlefield Champs 
2013 BeachFC Spring Classic Champs 
SMU Ambush U-16B
2009 Columbia Fall Classic Champions
2012 Hempfield Fall Classic Finalist
2013 PWSI Icebreaker Div I Finalist

2013 Blue-Gray Cup Champions


Girls Teams
SMU Storm U-9G
2013 Atlantic Cup Champions
SMU Power U-10G
2012  NVSC Battlefield Tournament CHAMPS
2012 Virginia Holiday Shootout
2013  SASA St. Patricks Day Tournament CHAMPS
2013  Virginia Elite Tournament CHAMPS
2013  Beach5 Sand Soccer CHAMPS
SMU U11G Blast
2012 Richmond Kickers Colonial Cup tournament champs
2013 Richmond Kickers Colonial Cup tournament runner-up
U12G Blaze Premier
2010 Fredericksburg Cup Finalist
2011 Blue-Gray Cup Div I Finalist
2011 Fredericksburg Cup Finalist
2012 Blue-Gray Cup Div II Champions
2013 PWSI Icebreaker Div II Champions
2013 Blue-Gray Cup Div II Champions
2013 SAC Columbia Classic Finalists
SMU Blaze Classic, U-12G
2013 Richmond Kickers Colonial Cup Finalist
SMU U14G Panthers
2012 FPYC Liberty Cup Champions
2012 Gettysburg Blue-Grey Cup Div 1 Finalist
2013 Richmond Kickers Colonial Cup Finalist
2013 SYA Cardinal Cup Finalist
For SMU U16G Wildcats:
2013 MSYSA President's Cup Runner-Up
2013 PWSI Icebreaker Runner-Up
2011 WAGS Division Champs
SMU Rocket U-17
2013- Virginian Elite Showcase - Champions
20012- PA Classics Winter Showcase - Champions
2012 - PWSI Invitational Toys for Tots - Champions
2012 - Maryland President's Cup - Champions

2012 - Girls Whitewater Cup - Champions 


Player Awards
Chad Selph - 2012 SMAC (Southern Maryland Athletic Conference) Player of the Year; Named to 1st Team All-State (Maryland)
Wills Liebler - 2013: 1st Team All-SMAC; Named to 1st Team All-State Team (Maryland)
Davis Holland - 2011 1st Team All-SMAC (Southern Maryland Athletic Conference); Named to All-State Team (Maryland), St. Mary's College
Chris Jones -Frostburg State University - 2013 Team Captain; 2012  - Named to 3rd Team NSCAA All-South Atlantic Region;
 2012 - Named to 1st Team All-CAC (Capital Athletic Conference); Named Frostburg 2012 Defensive MVP 
Alyssa Bois (SMU Storm) is a freshman at Brevard College in NC (NCAA Div II).
Sabrina Paz (currently at CSM) played a few years with SMU Storm 
Taylor Superior  and Sabrina Paz were named to the All Region XX First Team  and Laura Shaner was Honorable Mention All Region.
Kayla Ruiz (currently at CSM) played with the SMU Storm
Erin Kelly(SMU Furies/CSM)  -  selected for the NSCAA 2012 Junior College Women’s Division 1 All-North Region Team
Josh Porter - 2013 1st Team All-SMAC
Trevor Young - 2013 1st Team All-SMAC 
 Justin Nester - 2012 1st Team All-SMAC

 Elizabeth Wolfe - First Team All SMAC - 2013

Johanna Rambo completed her senior year at St. Mary's College in 2013.

SMU ODP Players (2014)
Chayton Kuidlan - U12B (SMU Warriors)
Webb Kosich - U12B (SMU Warriors)
Carsyn Jones – U12G (SMU Blast)
John Croxson – U12B (SMU Wolf Pack)
Kobe Harris – U13B (SMU Wolf Pack)
Joseph White – U13B (SMUDynamo Premier)
Lily Thomas - U13G (SMUOspreys)
Kenna Oliver - U13G (SMUOspreys)
Jordan Scott -   - U13G (SMUOspreys)
Nik Kokolios – U13B (SMU Rangers)
Lauren Davey - U14G (SMUPanthers)
Megan Baker - U14G (SMU Panthers)
Elizabeth Wolfe   - U15G (SMU Furies)
Emily McGuigan -U16G(SMU Wildcats)
Ryan Kennedy - U16B (SMU Ambush)
Kelon Funyak – U19B (SMUUnited)