Team Info & Messages



     * The coaching staff understands that when players reach high school there are greater demands on their time as their interests and opportunities expand (... track, tennis, lacrosse, band, etc).  I firmly believe in the benefits afforded by cross training through participation in other sports ... it fosters individual development and creativity on the field.  Understanding this, an individual’s game playing time is not determined by which individuals can make the most practices, but by their effort, attitude and play when they are at practice, or on the game field.

     * Practice time is limited, therefore the players are urged to work on their conditioning (see the Training page) and individual foot skills on their own.

   * Offensive Strategy - Possess, Pass, Penetrate

    * Defensive Strategy - Delay, Deny, Destroy ... apply pressure as a unit



Team Fees:

    * $265 ( NCSL, MSYSA & SMYS fees, tournament, SMU Scrimmagefest, forfeit bonds)

     * Uniform pricing:

        * $130 – red shirt, white shirt, two shorts

        * $105 – red shirt, white shirt, one short

        * Socks - $11/pair 

Coaches Messages:

     * Injuries ... unless the player is unable to stand/walk ... please attend practice.  The coaches will monitor/control the players activity appropriate to the injury, but there is significant value in the player simply observing and listening.



     * Practices are intended to be physically challenging ... you SHOULD be tired at the end of practice ... Practice hard, and the games become easy