U6 and U7 Academy Field locations and training schedule


U6/U7 Academy



All players are required to wear shin guards covered by socks and sneakers (or cleats if you have them). Your child will also need to have a size 3 soccer ball (marked with their name) and water bottle (marked with their name).

U6/U7 Academy

The main objective is to develop player creativity and a love for the game. The activities focus on basic soccer skills, mainly dribbling.  Primary focus on dribbling with all 6 parts of the foot to start, turn and stop the soccer ball as well as to dribble with speed. Repetition in practicing these core skills and core soccer move until these become automatic to a player will allow a player as they mature to use their imagination to try new things. Commitment to repetitively practicing the core skills in younger players is crucial to unlocking their full potential and creativity as they become and older and more experienced player.

Fall Schedule TBD

U6/U7 Academy