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St. Mary's Soccer Tryout Announcement -Fall 2016/Spring 2017
Tryouts Scheduled as follows: U9 Boys/Girls- May 24th and 26th (Leonard Hall Soccer fields) U10-U19 Boys/Girls- June 6-10(Chancellors Run) June 13-17 (Chaptico Fields)

St. Mary’s Soccer (SMS) is a growing organization dedicated to both coach and player development.  Presently, SMS has travel teams participating in the Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS), National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) and Eastern Development League (EDP) . SMS continually strives to provide quality coaching through MSYSA License classes.

The following general information is provided for the awareness of those interested in participating in upcoming Fall 2016/ Spring 2017 SMS Soccer Club team tryouts:

Tryout Registration Process for St. Mary’s Soccer (SMS) Travel Teams

Tryouts are open to all interested players.

Players interested in the newly forming  U9 BOYS or GIRLS teams will be held at Leonardhall on Tuesday, May 24th and Thursday, May 26th. Check-in / Registration will start at 6:00p.m on the asphalt sidewalk that divides the park. Tryouts start at 630p.m. and will last approximatly 90 minutes to two (2) hours.There is no charge for particiapting in the U9 Tryouts. Please bring a completed registration form with you. The registration form can be found below.

Tryouts will continue at Chancellor's Run Regional Park from June 6-10 and at Chaptico Park from June 13-17.   These tryouts will be for the U10-U19 BOYS and U10-U19 Girls teams.Registration / player check- in for all tryouts begin at 6p.m.  and will take place in the vicinity between field #2 and Loffler Senior Center at Chancellor's Run Regional PArk and at the Concession stand area at Chaptico Park.  Tryouts start at 6:30 p.m. will last for roughly 90 minutes to  two hours.  Some older age groups my start at a later time and will be noted on the schedule below. Weather related make up sessions and callbacks will be held as needed and posted on this website.  SMS plans to place teams into the NCSL and WAGS, with BBSL as a secondary option.  SMS reserves the right to consider other options for teams based on skill level.

Tryout dates and time for each age group are listed on the calendar listed below.  Any changes will be listed @ www.stmaryssoccer.org


May 24 @ Leonard Hall -

U9Boys (Birth Year 2008)
U9Girls (Birth Year 2008)


May 26th @Leonardhall

U9Boys (BirthYear 2008)
U9Girls (Birth year 2008)


June 6 @ CRRP -

U17Boys(Birth Year 2000)
U17Girls(BirthYear 2000)
U19Boys(Birth Year 1998)


June 7 @ CRRP -

U16Boys (BirthYear 2001)
U16GIrls (BirthYear 2001)
U18Boys (Birth Year 1999)
U18Girls (Birth Year 1999)

June 8 @ CRRP

U12Boys (Birth Year 2005)
U12Girls (BirthYear 2005)
U15Boys (BirthYear 2002)
U15Girls (BirthYear 2002)


June 9 @ CRRP

U11Boys (Birth Year 2006)
U11Girls (Birth Year 2006)
U14Boys (Birth Year 2003)
U14Girls (BirthYear 2003)


June 10 @  CRRP

U10Boys (Birth Year 2007)
U10Girls (Birth Year 2007)
U13Boys (Birth Year 2004)
U13Girls (BirthYear 2004)


June 13 @ Chaptico -

U17Boys (Birth Year 2000)
U17Girls (Birth Year 2000)
U19Boys (Birth Year 1998)


June 14 @ Chaptico -
(BirthYear 2001)
U16Girls (BirthYear 2001)
U18Boys (Birth Year 1999)
U18Girls (Birth Year 1999)

June 15 @ Chaptico -
U12Boys (Birth Year 2005)
U12Girls (Birth Year 2005)
U15Boys (BirthYear 2002)
U15Girls (Birth Year 2002)
June 16 @ Chaptico -
U11Boys (Birth Year 2006)
U11Girls (Birth Year 2006)
U14Boys (Birth Year 2003)
U14Girls (Birth Year 2003)

June 17 @ Chaptico

U10Boys (Birth Year 2007)
U10Girls (Birth Year 2007)
U13Boys (Birth Year 2004)
(BirthYear 2004)

It’s requested that a parent accompany their child during the registration process. 

You have two options for registration:

NOTE:  If this is your first tryout with SMS soccer, when you choose "OPTION #1" below, you will be redirected to that site for completion of registration.  You will have to establish your "account" with this service first.  You will only have to do this once per family account.

OPTION #1 - Register and pay ONLINE (fee is $10).  If you have more than one player attending tryouts, please register them all at once using the online system.  Once you have finished the registration process, please print out the email confirmation you receive and bring with you to tryouts.  We may request further information once you get to the tryout - HOWEVER, you must still check-in.  No payment will be due from you since you paid online.  NOTE:  You MUST pay online via credit card or you cannot use this option.

PLEASE NOTE:  U9 players are not required to pay a tryout fee, however, you MUST go through the online registration process.  You will NOT be charged a tryout fee..

OPTION #2 - Downloand and complete the SMS tryout REGISTRATION FORM and bring with you the night of tryouts to expedite the check in process.  The registration form is an Adobe Fill-In formthat can be completed on your computer; please complete and print the form to bring with you on the night you tryout.  Registration forms will also be available at the tryout registration table(s) and will need to be completed prior to completing the check in process. There will be a $10.00 registration fee to help cover the cost of the tryouts.  Even if you do everything but pay online, you will still be required to pay the $10 fee at walk-up registration.

Proof of age is requird for all players accepting a travel roster spot. There is no need to bring proof of age to the tryout.  Proof-of-age can be demonstrated using a birth certificate, passport, military dependent ID, driver’s permit or license or previous MSYSA player card.  Proof of age will be submitted during the carding process in July, but will NOT be required at the tryout.

Age group breakdowns for this tryout are based on the new USYSA age guidelines. These guidelines have been adopted nation- wide as of the Fall 2016 season.

Under   9 - Jan 1, 2008-Dec 31, 2008

Under  10 - Jan 1, 2007- Dec 31, 2007

Under  11 - Jan 1, 2006 - Dec 31, 2006

Under 12 - Jan 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2005

Under 13 - Jan 1, 2004 - Dac 31, 2004

Under 14 - Jan 1, 2003- Dec 31. 2003

Under 15 - Jan 1, 2002- Dec 31, 2002

Under 16 - Jan 1, 2001- Dec 31, 2001

Under 17 - Jan 1, 2000 - Dec 31, 2000

Under 18 - Jan 1, 1999 - Dec 31, 1999

Under 19 - Jan 1, 1998- Dec 31, 1998


Each player will be provided a numbered tryout pennie for use as part of the tryout and will be given to the player at the check in process following receipt of a completed tryout registration form including bate of birth, parent signature and the tryout fee.  This pennie must be worn to all tryout sessions, however, the player CANNOT take it home.  It is NOT the property of the player.  If a player loses the pennie, a fee of $35 will be assessed.

Players need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled tryout start time and are responsible for bringing the following to each tryout:

a. Appropriate athletic attire and footwear. (No zippers on clothing, shorts in particular.)

b. A ball (size 4 U9-U12, size 5 all others), marked with the player’s name in indelible marker and properly inflated.

c. Shin guards (required, players will not be allowed to tryout without them).

d. Personal water.

e. No current travel team or ODP appearal is alowed.

Player’s outerwear cannot be Club or State attire.  Any player showing up wearing Club or State attire will be asked to change, if they cannot they will not be allowed to participate in the tryouts.

SMS has a policy of age appropriate play, meaning players will try out and play on age.  During the tryout process players are evaluated by a panel of coaches and if a player is identified by the evaluating panel as having the potential of playing one age group up they will make the appropriate recommendation to the SMS Travel Vice President during the evening’s evaluation recap.  If the SMS Travel Vice President agrees with the recommendation the player will be contacted to determine interest in this opportunity and if interested they will attend the higher age group tryout at the next opportunity.  The player will again be evaluated by a different panel of coaches who will determine if the underage player can play at the higher age or should remain on age.  The panel’s recommendation will be provided to the SMS Travel Vice President during the evening’s evaluation recap and the determination of player status will be made.  Once made, the decision is final.

Players are strongly encouraged to attend all tryout sessions.  Roster spots will be determined following the final tryout, or any call backs. 

SMS's tryout policy for the 2016/17 seasonal year is available for review. We encourage each player and parent/guardian to read that policy here.

At this point, SMS has identified the following coaches for the upcoming Fall season:

Age Group/Gender Coach
U9 Girls Marc Locco Age Group Age Head Coach
U9 Boys Mark Pinkel Age Group Head Coach
U10 Girls Josh Crowder Age group Coach
U10 Boys Scott Hoffmsan Age Group Head Coach
U11 Girls Bernie Huntt Age Group Head Coach
U11 Boys Brian Hawkins Age Group Head Coach
U12 Girls John Selby Age Group Head Coach
U12 Boys Matt Geier Age Group Head Coach
U13 Girls Maria Scott Age Group Head Coach
U13 Boys Jack Summers Age Group Head Coach
U14 Girls Fran Dever
U14 Boys

Dave Eby Age Group Head Coach (Premier)
Dave Pawlowski (Classic)

U15 Girls Amy King
U15 Boys Doug Hosea
U16 Girls LaMar Broadhead
U16 Boys Doug Harris (Premier)/ Lance Milan (Classic)
U17 Girls Amber Cook
U17 Boys  Ryan Delany (Premier)/ Matt Protzman ( Classic)
U18 Boys Alex Kokolios (Premier) / Bill Oosterink (Classic)
U18 Girls Maria Scott
U19 Boys J.J. Raley
Note: Additional "CLASSIC" team coaches will be announced once
it is determined all 2nd team criteria has been met.

Parents are welcome to stay and observe the tryout activity.  However, it’s asked that anyone who decides to stay and observe refrain from directing any comments to the players (either their own child or another) or any evaluation panel member.  This will enable the players to focus on the effort at hand and put their best foot forward.  Only tryout participants, tryout evaluation panel members, and designated SMS Club Officials will be allowed on and around the tryout fields during the tryouts.  During the tryout activity, questions from parents and/or other observers should be directed to the SMS Travel Vice President or SMS Club representative(s) located at the registration table.  The SMS Club wants to provide the most effective environment for both the players and evaluation panel, and greatly appreciates your cooperation in accomplishing this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the SMS Travel VIce President.

For those completing registration forms at the field the following information will be asked for:
a.. Date of birth, mailing address, home and work phone numbers, and a valid, working and legible email address that can be used for communications between SMS and you and your  child.  We will be using email to communicate any tryout updates; therefore a legible email address on the registration form is critical.

b. Parental signature

St. Mary's Soccer Travel Program News

St. Mary’s Soocer's (SMS) Travel Program is the select traveldivision of SMS soccer.  Player development is a primary focus of SMS TRavel Soccer Program.  Currently club sponsored teams compete in the area’s two premier leagues;

Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS) , National Capital Soccer League (NCSL). and Eastern Developmental Program (EDP)_

All SMS TRavel Program coaches are licensed through the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (USYS) or National Soccer Coaches Association (NSCAA) as well as background check approved.

Teams form each May / June as a result of tryouts for scheduled league play in the following Fall through Spring Seasons. Tryout results are derived from a coach’s panel evaluation system during the scheduled tryout. All players must tryout to be selected to play with a SMS TRavel Program team.

 Occasionally a team may need to pick up a player between the Fall and Spring Seasons during a scheduled Supplemental Tryout. Tryout announcements are posted on this website.


Please consult the links to the left for information on teams.

For more information about St. Mary’s Soccer Travel Program, contact the SMS Travel Vice President, Alan Buster.