Instructions on How to Make SMU Spring Payment

STEP 1:  Go to the BLUE SOMBRERO website at this address:  https://sports.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=271114&isLogin=True&%2fDefault.aspx%3ftabid%3d271103


STEP 2:  Login into your account by entering your user name and password – if you don’t remember your user name and password – click the FORGOT USERNAME OR PASSWORD link to retrieve it.


STEP 3:  Once you login you should be on the MY ACCOUNT page.  If you look to the lower right portion of the screen, you will see a box that is titled MY OPEN BALANCES

  • If you have more than one (as is displayed above – you want to select the one that is titled “Enrolled in Auto Pay, Next Payment Will Be Made On 2/1/14” – then select the PAY BILL option.


STEP 4:  In the DESCRIPTION box, you should see the amount you’re expected to pay (normally this will be $125).  If it is not what you expected – please contact your team manager and let them know.


  • If it is the amount you expected, proceed to next step


STEP 5:  Verify the information in the ADDRESS INFORMATION box (make changes if necessary)


STEP 6:  In the PAYMENT INFORMATION box, enter your credit card information.


STEP 7:  In the TERMS & CONDITIONS box, Check the “I AGREE TO THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS” box and then submit.


At this time the system will process your payment and your player will be registered with SMU for the Spring season.


If you have any other challenges – please work with your team manager.