Training Session Summaries
These are provided for Ambush players to work on skills introduced at practice.


Possession Soccer

Hard to play possession soccer without a few other players, but there are a few things you can work on to help you, and your team, improve at a controlled passing game.  If you have someone that is willing to pass to you you can do the following:

1) Check away/to the ball at an angle, receive it and turn in one fluid motion.  Practice looking over your shoulder to help you decide where to go once you receive teh ball.

2) Receive ball from your partner, turn away and then play the ball back to them at a good pace and in control (make sure to use both feet!).

If you don’t have someone to pass the ball with, find a wall to use as a "passing partner".  Start 15 yards away from it, dribble and pass firmly against the wall, receiving it and turning in one motion.  You can also toss ball in air, settle it to the ground and continue dribbling.  Make your first touch count!  Good luck!


Dribbling for control

Two areas we focused on : 1) Dribbling in confined space using maximum control, and 2) Dribbling at top speed for 20 yards and ending with a move to get around a defender.

1) Spread cones, or any other "obstacles" randomly around in the grass, but only 2 feet apart.  For 2-3 minutes, using light touches on the ball, move in/around those cones.  Use the soles of your feet to roll the ball forward/backward/sideways, tap in between the insides of your feet, pull back turns, touch sideways with outside of foot, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  The goal here should be to keep on your toes/balls of your feet and move your feet rapidly so that one foot is always in contact with the ball.  Do this four or five times with a 1-2 minute rest in between to help develop the "stick-to-your-foot" ball control needed.

2) Just as in practice, dribble at top speed for 20-30 yards then cut the ball with inside or outside (make sure to practice more with weaker foot), or do a stepover or a pullback turn.  These are 3 basic turns/fakes that will buy you space and time in a game to give you a chance to shoot or pass.