All players selected to play on a RecPlus Team For the Fall 2015 Season must register for Recreational Soccer.  Once registered, you will automatically be moved to your RecPlus Team Roster.


Congratulations to the following St. Mary's Soccer Players who were selected to play RecPlus for the Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 seasons:

U8 GIRLS (NORTH)   Coach Maria Scott U8 GIRLS (SOUTH)   Coach Matt Shiels        
#323 - Degen P. Champion        
#148 - Esparza A. Gensley        
#107 - Edinger M. Hansen        
#157 - Scott M. Leishear        
#182 - Ellis L. Magee        
#161 - Harris T. Pernell        
#136 - McNey K. Rannenberg        
#113 - DePompa C. Shiels        
#188 - Ganley G. Thomas        
#131 - Simonds H. Woodard        
#222 - Peterson          
#146 - Ratliff          
U8 BOYS (NORTH)   Coach Jim Ganley U8 BOYS (SOUTH)        Coach Mike Elliott U8 BOYS (SOUTH)        Coach Mark Pinkel U8 BOYS (SOUTH)        Coach Kevin Smith    
#158 - Ganley O. Aspillaga B. Angus J. Carter    
#125 - C. Longobardi L. Baringer M. Barron E. Chen    
#207 - R. Longobardi L. Delaney J. Bothwell C. George    
#162 - Mason M. Elliott C. Hamilton I. Jones    
#186 - Allen J. Gift E. Johnsen P. Petitjean    
#202 - J. Campbell T. Leishear N. Kowalko D. Price    
#101 - J. Campbell B. Rollins M. Lipoff O. Smith    
#221 - Castrillon O. Schoeny A. Paz H. Stalker    
#108 - A. Shryock T. Stiegman R. Pinkel E. Stringer    
#149 - T. Shryock J. Thompson C. Shill M. Wathen    
#212 - Cikovic C. Watts A. Wood M. Werblow    
  J. Watts   S. Whipkey    
U10 GIRLS (NORTH)   Coach Jason Mandeville U10 GIRLS (SOUTH)   Coach Fab Donis U10 GIRLS (SOUTH)   Coach MaryEllen Lyons      
#721 - Baringer J. Andaya E. Cooper      
#114 - Haggard K. Donis A. Conkright      
#236 - Page E. Guy A. Dziekiewicz      
#264 - Tennyson B. Jimney O. Galetti      
#123 - Pearson A. Mobley S. Heasley      
#167 - Rocheleau M. Nichols L . Kansy      
#100 - Mulford L. Perrygo K . Long      
#270 - O'Brien R. Reeves E. Lyons      
#208 - Mandeville I. Roberts N. Person      
#122 - Feeney A. Robrecht M. Pranzo      
#192 - Moore L. Rye G. Shawky      
#155 - Osburn A. Swift H. Wise      
  A. Zeier        
U10 BOYS (NORTH)    Coach John Cooley U10 BOYS (NORTH)    Coach Andy Murphy U10 BOYS (SOUTH)      Coach James Borghardt U10 BOYS (SOUTH)      Coach John Kopicko    
#246 - Outt #193 - Kennedy G. Borghardt L. Dunbar    
#261 - Flaherty #159 - D. Dean J. Farren N. Insley    
#251 - Colliflower #196 - Craft S. Fernandez R. Jameson    
#181 - Minichino #200 - Aubel A. Goddard R. Kopicko    
#252 - Cooley #214 - Williams M. Krawczyk T. Lee    
#273 - Longobardi #102 - Ferris S. Labor S. Patricio    
#205 - Darvill #206 - Kaufmann W. Lambert L. Price    
#124 - Rooney #239 - Berger R. Ledig A. Snow    
#717 - Bates #225 - Murphy J. Magill C. Tully    
#194 - Neal #118 - L. Dean M. Parson J. Venendaal    
#707 - Mozzo #238 - Crim H. Russell J. Wait    
    M. Simonds J. Wathen    
      H. Yeatman    
U12 GIRLS (NORTH)  Coach Jason Mandeville U12 GIRLS (NORTH)  Coach Scott Farren U12 GIRLS (SOUTH)   Coach Jesse Yeatman      
#262 - Mandeville #285 - Farnham S. Brookhart      
#231 - Minichino #271 - McNeely M. Chase      
#235 - Forest #290 - E. Farren A. Ficalora      
#760 - Quade #260 - C. Farren S. Gill      
#240 - Underwood #295 - Mordecai H, Jameson      
#281 - Johnson #742 - Barber C. Lancaster      
#268 - Cocimano #378 - Bergling J. Mcuan      
#289 - Vance #247 - Forsythe L. Merritt      
#263 - Zupko #291 - Mulford R. Powers      
#293 - Flaherty #242 - Smitha K. Shiels      
#299 - Raley #213 - Roberts E. Smetana      
#777 - Summers #800 - Clark L. Yeatman      
#272 - Abell SUP - Litten        
U12 BOYS (NORTH)  Coach Mike Van Wie U12 BOYS (SOUTH)   Coach Don Blottenberger U12 BOYS (SOUTH)  Coach Andy Connelly U12 BOYS (SOUTH)  Coach Mike Lange    
#267 - Mitchell J. Blottenberger J. Calles E. Crain    
#269 - Peissner R. Brookhart W. Cassetta C. Dursee    
#287 - Ellis C. Chivers Z. Connolly H. Krissoff    
#314 - Moseley S. Neme B. Fogel C. Laird    
#331 - Girard H. Holt B. Hedderick M. Lange    
#358 - Van Wie R. Wolfe D. Hickey R. Lange    
#359 - Campbell I. Fournier A. Reed M. McCurdy    
#361 - Daras K. Cooper D. Shrawder J. Mulqueen    
#383 - Inscoe B. Pullias T. Wilson R. Torgesen    
#386 - Hunt J. Haynes I. Wood M. Tydings    
#400 - Reed L. Ichniowski I. Woodard L. Wall    
#418 - Czosek D. Rivera D. Jardine J. Wolter    
#429 - Scott          
U14 GIRLS (NORTH)   Coach Rob Moore U14 GIRLS (SOUTH)   Coach Scott Cox U14 GIRLS (SOUTH)   Coach Tony Palangi      
#705 - Kerig M. Aaron B. Bahr      
#389 - Walker A. Brooks C. Binkney      
#798 - Johnson A. Cox L. Brink      
#815 - Guy V. Davis S. Dean      
#370 - Tran K. Durniak A. Hanson      
#767 - Velasco J. Ganzell J. Mattingly      
#336 - Long M. Huntt D. Nix      
#555 - Moore P. Island R. Nyagama      
#799 - Palmer A. Jacobs C. Riffe      
#327 - Werth G. Jones S. Schloner      
#737 - Killion S. Labore M. Shiels      
#724 - Thomas K. Lange E. Smith      
#775 - Cusmano K. Matzdorf D. Swann      
#371 - Brynteson E. Schug A. Thompson      
#761 - Gibson R. Thorward P. O'Brien      

K. Drys

#811 - Summers          
SUP - Litten          
U14 BOYS (NORTH)    Coach Kenny Crim U14 BOYS (SOUTH)    Coach Steve Cassetta U14 BOYS (SOUTH)    Coach Eric Millham U14 BOYS (SOUTH)    Coach Rick Watts    
#355 - Beswick M. Abell A. Ashby T. Davila    
#584 - Luton A. Adams B. Beall K. Davis    
#360 - Cox B. Allen M. Brown C. Eagan    
#541 - Lawrence G. Belvin Z. Franklin D. Gray    
#426 - Thompson S. Cassetta R. Hamlet R. Heisler    
#417 - Crim M. Dillon G. Hickie M. Lancaster    
#590 - McMahan J. Elliott F. Hildebrandt M. Lawson    
#368 - Ellis J. Grimes B. Johnston J. McCoy    
#346 - Arnold K. Holt N. Kumar R. McMullen    
#567 - Armstrong A. Konecny I. Millham T. Morrell    
#409 - Van Wie J. Lloyd A. Morris G. Moseley    
#395 - Alderson M. Meyers O. Parker S. Nebel    
#339 - Francingues C. Nichols J. Rittle R. Nobles    
#523 - Schneider D. Nichols R. Sams J. Radez    
#805 - Groff J. Ogas A. Vanecko N. Rossi    
#352 - Coombs E. Soriano R. Lowe J. Russell    
#335 - Magargle   D. Wolfe H. Watts    
#505 - Jett          


RecPlus Division Overview
Saint Mary’s Soccer, operating in cooperation with Calvert Soccer Association (CSA),  Saint Mary’s Northern Soccer League (SMNSL), Waldorf Soccer Club and La Plata Youth Soccer Association (LPYSA), offers a Recreation Plus (RecPlus) Division that allows above average players the opportunity to play competitive soccer without the travel required by Select teams.  RecPlus is open to both male and female players.

The following are some general guidelines for the RecPlus division:

PLAYER REGISTRATION. Showing up for a evaluation does not register your player for the Fall or Spring season.  You must register and pay the season registration fee either online or during a walkin registration date (if offered).

COACH SELECTION.  RecPlus coaches are experienced coaches with above average qualifications and generally hold at least a USSF "E" license or equivalent.

PLAYER EVALUATIONS (TRYOUTS):   Since no players are ever “cut” from the recreational soccer program, it is inaccurate to use the term “tryout.”  We hold player evaluations to determine player placement – on either a recreational or RecPlus team.  Prior to each Fall season, a minimum of two evaluations will be held in conjunction with registration. These evaluations will determine which players are eligible for the RecPlus division.  The coaches that have been selected for the upcoming season will evaluate each player based on the evaluation format and rating form.  Players not selected for RecPlus are automatically placed in the Recreational Divison.  A supplemental evaluation may be held prior to the Spring season to fill roster slots created by departing players.

PLAYER PLACEMENT:  Players will be placed on teams through a modified draft procedure, with some restrictions on team assignments based on the area in which they live.

SEASON:  Each RecPlus team roster is composed prior to the Fall season and will stay together through the end of the following Spring season.

Field Directions and Cancellation Information

Map and Address Information HERE

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