Games begin on the weekend of April 2nd 2016.

SPRING 2016 Registration is OPEN!

The Spring 2016 season for SMS Soccer is approaching fast. SMS is now accepting registrations for the upcoming season. 

Registration will remain open until February 20th.  There may be a late registration period based on space avilability.

Rec, RecPlus, and Kiddie Kick plyers must all register for Recreatonal Soccer.  Kiddie Kick players will choose the day, time, and location of the session they wish to attend.  RecPlus players must register as Rec players, and once registered, you will be moved automatically onto your RecPlus team roster. 

During the registration process, please make sure to update your contact information.  If you registered for the Fall 2015 Season, you will register using your existing login ID and password.  Families previously registered in Northern Soccer who did not register for the Fall 2015 season will need to register as a new family.  When entering your address, please use your street address NOT your P.O. Box. SMS does not contact players using mail; we will contact players/families using e-mail or phone contacts only. Your street address helps us identify where in the county you reside, which helps in the formation of teams, and in showing the county where our players are located.  When entering your phone numbers, plase make sure that cell/mobile phones are listed in the cell phone block even if that phone is your primary home phone.

Fees for the upcoming season are $80 per player; if you have more than one player, each player after the first will be $70.

For Recreational Coed Soccer (including RecPlus and Kiddie Kick), Spring 2016:

  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 1997  to  Jul 31, 2001 will play U18
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2001  to  Jul 31, 2003 will play U14
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2003  to  Jul 31, 2005 will play U12
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2005  to  Jul 31, 2006 will play U10
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2006  to  Jul 31, 2007 will play U09
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2007  to  Jul 31, 2008 will play U08
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2008  to  Jul 31, 2009 will play U07
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2009  to  Jul 31, 2010 will play U06
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2010  to  Jul 31, 2011 will play U05KK
  • Date of birth from Aug 01, 2011  to  Jul 31, 2012 will play U04KK

Players born AFTER Aug 01, 2012 are not eligible for SMS soccer.

ONLINE registration will close on February 20th. If an age group reaches the maximum number of players allowable, registration for that age group will close before February 20th. There may be a late registration period after the regular registration period, with players accepted only a space available basis only.  

We may hold walk-in registration each in the northern end and southern end of the county on a date and time to be announced separately once we confirm locations.

Teams will be formed and announced following MANDATORY coaches training for volunteer coaches and assistant coaches. The scheduled for coaches training will be announced separately. Please consider volunteering to be a coach. If you want to coach, please be sure to check the coaching box in the volunteer section of the registration.

When registering, please use the map below to select your prefered region for team assignments.  You will be able to select either North (previously Northern Soccer) or South (previously St. Marys Youth Soccer).  Based on field availability, practice field assignments will be in the region you select.  For games, Northern Teams will play primarily at Lettie Dent and Chaptico Park, while Southern Teams will play primarily at the Hollywood Soccer Complex and Chancellor's Run Regional Park.

The season will begin on the weekend of April 2nd.

Have a great season on the pitch!