Spring 2019 Season Registration is OPEN

Recreational, RecPlus, and Kiddie Kick players register each season under recreational soccer.  Kiddie Kick players will choose the day, time, and location of the session they wish to attend.  RecPlus players register as recreational players, and once registered, will be moved automatically onto the appropriate RecPlus team roster. 

Fees for the upcoming season are $90 per player during regular registration, and $100 per player during late registration; if you have more than one player, each player after the first will get a $10 discount. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION has a $10 discount PER HOUSEHOLD (not player)and ends January 13th at 11:59PM.   All registrations will be done through the online registration system.

To comply with US Youth Soccer Guidelines, SMS follows these updated "Calendar Year Age Groups" which are noted below:

  • Date of birth from Aug 1, 2000 to Dec 31, 2004 will play U18 High School

    • 2000 Birth Year group is for current High School students only. Anyone born after Aug 1, 2000, who is a current High School student is eligible

  • Date of birth from Jan 01, 2005 to Dec 31, 2006 will play U14

  • Date of birth from Jan 01, 2007 to Dec 31, 2008 will play U12

  • Date of birth from Jan 01, 2009 to Dec 31, 2010 will play U10

  • Date of birth from Jan 01, 2011 to Dec 31, 2011 will play U8

  • Date of birth from Jan 01, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012 will play U7

  • Date of birth from Jan 01, 2013 to Dec 31, 2013 will play U6

  • Date of birth from Jan 01, 2014 to December 31, 2015 will play Kiddie Kick

  • Players born outside the date ranges above are not eligible for St. Mary's Soccer programs. 

Families will be able to select either North or South for each division during registration.   North Teams will play games primarily at Lettie Dent and Chaptico Park, while South Teams will play games primarily at the Hollywood Soccer Complex, Chancellor's Run Regional Park, Cecil Park and Farmer's Market.  Practice locations are based on field availability and practice field assignments.  As a general rule, north of Hollywood/Leonard Rd practice locations are North team practice locations and practice locations on or south of Hollywood/Leonard Rd. are South team practice locations.

The U6/U7/U8 Academy divisions offer a boys and girls division for each age group. The U6/U7 ages will have an option to select a Wednesday or a Thursday night as their preferred academy training night. This will be the only night of the week these ages practice.  The games are played on Saturday. The U8 division has a Monday night academy training session and a second night of training is determined by the volunteer coach and practice field availability. This means U8 may have 2 training nights and games on Saturday. Lettie Dent is the academy practice location for the North and Chancellors Run Park is the academy practice location for the South.

Kiddie Kick has six (one hour) sessions to complete their season. Families interested in Kiddie Kick will choose one of the following registration options:

Tuesday 1PM-2Pm at Chancellors Run Park (6 sessions)

Tuesday 6PM-7PM at Chancellors Run Park (6 sessions)

Saturday 9AM – 10AM at Chancellors Run Park (6 sessions)

Saturday 9AM – 10AM at Chaptico Park (6 sessions)

During the registration process, please make sure to update your contact information.  If you have previously registered with St. Mary’s Soccer (SMS), you will register using your existing login ID and password.  If you have not previously registered with St. Mary's Soccer, you will need to register as a new family.  When entering your address, please use your street address NOT your P.O. Box. SMS does not contact players using mail; we will contact players/families using e-mail or phone contacts only. Your street address helps us identify where in the county you reside, which helps in the formation of teams, and in showing the county where our players are located.  When entering your phone numbers make sure that cell/mobile phones are listed in the cell phone block even if that phone is your primary home phone.

Please consider volunteering to be a coach. If you want to coach, please be sure to check the coaching box in the volunteer section of the registration.