Say It's Going To Happen?

I think we're going to actually get to start our recreational season this weekend!  Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like we can!

I have been working with SMYS for a long time - and I can never remember the weather at the start of the season being this challenging.  I know our staff of volunteers (especially Dan Skane, Maria Scott, Scott Teed and Steve Cassetta) have been working their tails off rescheduling and keeping the word posted on if we can or cannot practice or play games!  I appreciate all their efforts and we sure could not be as successful as we have been with them!

Most teams have actually had a chance to practice this week and the fields, although not in perfect shape, are holding up nicely.  I hope Mother Nature agrees we have enough mositure to kick off the prime growing season.  Do I dare say it, "Yes - we're ready to start mowing our grass!"

The SMYS team is hosting nearly 2,000 kids this season between our recreational, RecPlus and St. Mary's United (Travel) programs this Spring!  And yes, numbers went up AGAIN!

A few reminders about this season:

  • PICTURE DAY is now scheduled for April 12.  Your coaches will be able to give all the info.  Keep in mind, that when you buy pictures, a portion of your purchase price comes back to SMYS.  With this we're able to keep our overhead costs down and also your registration fees reasonable - so I encourage you to consider buying a package.
  • TONY GALEANO is our new Director of Coaching and will be out walking the fields during practices and games.  When you see him, make sure to say "HI" and welcome him to SMYS.  He is extremely focused on making our program even better starting with the recreational player!  More info on Tony can be found here.
  • PARKING is always a challenge for us at our facilities, both practice and games.  With that said, please use good judgement wherever you practice or play.  Some specific examples:
    • DO NOT park on the street at Hollywood Soccer Complex.  The roads are clearly marked and you run the risk of being ticketed.  There's plenty of parking in the main parking lot and at Hollywood Elementary School.
    • We have a new practice and game location in the southern part of the county - Farmer's Market Field.  YOU CANNOT park on the driveway leading into the facility.  You're welcome to drop your player and/or equipment and then proceed to the lot near the building.  The folks who are letting us use this facility have made it very clear that if we cannot follow this simple request - they will not allow us to use it.  So please don't park there.
    • CHANCELLOR'S RUN - please observe all posted parking signs.  And this Saturday, April 5 - the park with be busy in the morning with the Little League opening day event - so please park near the soccer fields if at all possible.
  • NO SMOKING is permitted at any practice or game location.  If you have to smoke, please do it in the parking lots or in your vehicle.
  • MAKE-UP GAMES - The first weekend of the recreational season has already been rescheduled to the weekend of June 6/7/8.  Last weeks recreational games will NOT be made up.  We do not have the field space to reschedule games.  We considered moving the season out an additional week, but with schools getting out for summer break around June 12 - we don't think we'd have kids around to play soccer the weekend of June 13/14/15.

Finally, SMYS is working hard to make our program offerings even better!  With that said, we have some big news that we'll be putting out during the season that will make all we do even better!  And we're going to ask for your help - so please consider volunteering some of your time when the request comes out.

As always - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  I will ask that you contact your division manager first and if you have no luck, then talk to the program coordinator.  If you still don't get the answer you were hoping for, you can contact me directly.

Here's hoping  you have a great Spring season (and fingers are crossed that we have NO MORE weather cancellations!)

Yours in Soccer,

Bill Oosterink
President, SMYS