Maryland State Youth Soccer Association, US Youth Soccer and St. Mary's Soccer present the 2015 Kohl's and Claire's Cup Tournaments

U8, U10, U12 and U14 Divisions will play ALL DAY on Saturday, Nov. 14th (Raindate of Sunday, Nov. 15th). 

Games start at 9 am.

High School (U16/U18) and Adults will play on the EVENING of Friday, November 13th.  (No raindate available). 

Games start at 6 pm.


For more information, contact the Registrar


2014 Kohl's American and Claire's Cup Schedules
 Kohl's American Cup/Claire's Cup 2014
Division Champion Finalist Result
U8 Rec Boys (COED) LPYSA Galaxy Ender Dragons 2:1
U8 RecPlus Boys (COED) The Force - Calvert SMS Fireballs White 2:0
U8 RecPlus Girls Flames 2 CSA Tornadoes Black 2:0
U10 Rec Boys (COED) Rec Purple U10 NSL Crush 3:2
U10 Rec Plus Boys RED LPYSA United 2 La Plata Power Red 1st, 2nd
U10 RecPlus Boys WHITE SMYSL Fireball A La Plata Power White 1st, 2nd
U10 RecPlus Boys BLUE Waldorf Orange Crush LPYSA United 1 1st, 2nd
U10 Travel Boys (COED) BRSA Galaxy Premier SMS Scorpions Black 6:1
U10 RecPlus/U12 Rec Girls SMS White Wolves WSC 04 Orange Classic Girls 3:1
U10 Travel Girls St. Mary's Soccer Storm Red Rage Academy Black 1st, 2nd
U12 Rec Boys (COED) Monster Energy Gettin' Some Cold Cuts - Boys 3:1
U12 RecPlus Boys/Travel Girls RED Vipers Red LP Celtic 3:2
U12 RecPlus Boys/Travel Girls WHITE SMS U12RP Potas 1 Hornets (Pullias) 1st, 2nd
U12RecPlus Boys/Travel Girls BLUE SMS Titans Legends 2 1st, 2nd
U12 Travel Boys (COED) MD Jr Terps Bulldogs 1st, 2nd
U12 RecPlus/U14 Rec Girls La Plata Liberty (Law) L.L Divas 2 3:2 OT
U14 Rec Boys (COED) La Plata Bobcats Rec Purple U14 1:0 OT
U14 RecPlus Boys(COED)/Travel Girls SMS Savage Buffaloes 3 CSA Lightning 5:1
U14 Travel Boys BLUE St Mary's Eliminators LSA Triumph 1 2:1
U14 Travel Boys GOLD Yellow Cards SMS Hat Trick Heroes 1st, 2nd
U14 RecPlus Girls Infinity JG Freedom 3 2:0
High School - Rec (COED) United Sprites Black Pack 2:1
High School - Premier (Boys) Blue Your Mom's Favorite Team SMS Ambush 4:3
High School - Premier (COED) Gold The Bandits The Real McCoy 1st, 2nd
High School - Premier (Girls) Panthers La Plata Warriors 5:4
Claire's Cup - Studs (Premier) Keep Calm Truffle Hunters 2:1 OT
Claire's Cup - Studs (Classic) Next Level Doc Red Bulls 5:3
Claire's Cup - Still Chuggin Along Coolmint Panda Express 4:2
Claire's Cup - Hope 4 Healthy End Out of Gas KCA Alumni 2:1
Claire's Cup - Medics on the Ready Cornerstone Get off My Lawn 5:0
Boys (COED)
Under 8
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 18 (night of Claire's Cup)
Under 8
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 18 (night of Claire's Cup)
Claire's Cup
Claire's Cup (Adults)