St. Mary's Soccer is once again pleased to offer KOHL'S AMERICAN CUP on Saturday, Nov. 14th @ Chancellor's Run Regional Park, preceded by Claire's Cup on Friday, November 13th.  

DATE:  Saturday, November 14th is Kohl's Cup;  Friday, November 13th is Claire's Cup and U16/High School

LOCATION:  Chancellor’s Run Regional Park , St. Mary’s County, Maryland   

FORMAT:  4v4 with a max roster of 6 players. Claire's Cup Adult teams must have one female on the fieldl at all time. Age minimum is 18 as of tournament date. 

PLAYERS:  Each team can roster up to 6 players.  All teams must have at least 4 players.  All players on all teams must be age appropriate or younger.  No exceptions will be made. If adding a 7th player, this must be approved and is an additional $25 fee which will be collected when the team registers. The 7th player information must be added into the comments section on the team application.

GAMES:  All Kohl's Cup teams and U16/HIgh School teams are guaranteed 4 games..  All Claire's Cup Adult teams are guaranteed 3 games.   

CHECK-IN:  All teams will be required to check in 1 hour prior to their first game time.  If they don’t, they run the risk of forfeiting their first game. Check-in is also available beginning at 4pm on Friday, November 13th, at Chancellors Run Regional Park. 


All players must wear shin guards with socks that fully cover the shin guard.

  • Cleats are permitted.
  • Absolutely no jewelry of any kind will be permitted.   (Medic Alert identifiers will be permitted.)
  • U8 thru U12 will use a size 4 ball. 
  • U14 & up will use a size 5 ball.
  • Tournament will provide balls for all games.


Recreation:  Teams may only consist of recreational, non-MSYSA carded players, or RecPlus players.

Recreation Plus: SMS, NSL, CSA, LaPlata, Waldforf and Bryan's Road players currently on Recreation Plus teams or non-MSYSA carded players seeking more competetive play (U8, U10, U12, and U14 only).

Premier/Travel:  Teams that have at least one and no more than six MSYSA carded players.

If registration supports it, there will be Boys(Coed) and Girls divisions.  Girls may play on teams in the Boys(Coed) Division, however, boys may not play on teams in the Girls Division.  

Age Groups for 2015 Kohl’s American Cup

  • U8 Division
    • Aug 1, 2007 - July 31, 2009
  • U10 Division
    • Aug 1, 2005 - July 31, 2007
  • U12 Division
    • Aug 1, 2003 - July 31, 2005
  • U14 Division
    • Aug 1, 2001 - July 31, 2003
    • Aug 1, 1999 - July 31, 2001
    • Aug 1, 1997 - July 31, 1999

UNIFORMS:  All players on a team are required to wear the same color shirt, numbers are optional but suggested. Bibs will be available at all fields for conflicts.   The team listed first on the schedule will be required to change if necessary. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In case of inclement weather, at the discretion of the Tournament Director, all or portions of the Kohl’s MSYSA American Cup can be discontinued.  Teams may be eligible, but are not guaranteed, any refund of their Entry Fee. 

REFEREES:  One USSF certified referee will be provided for each game. 

MODIFIED RULES:  There will be no slide-tackling permitted in any age group, goal kicks and corner kicks are taken from the corner. 

ADDITIONAL INFO:  The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine, or split age groups as deemed necessary in order to facilitate the most practical and functional tournament available. 

For more information - contact the Registrar at Registrar

Please use the link below to register.




Kohl's American and Claire's Cup Schedules
 Kohl's American Cup/Claire's Cup 2015
Division Champion Finalist Result
U8 RecPlus Boys (COED) 1st Place Flight A 1st Place Flight B 3:0
U8 RecPlus Girls/U08 Rec COED Cheetahs-White CSA Cobras Gold 2:1
U10 Rec Boys (COED)/U10 Travel Girl 1st Place Flight B 1st Place Flight A 1:0
U10 Rec Plus Boys LPYSA United 2 LPYSA United 1 1:0
U10 Travel Boys (COED)/U12G Travel 1st Place Flight A 1st Place Flight B 2:1
U10 RecPlus/U12 Rec Girls Blue SMS Lady Kraken LPYSA Patriots 2 1st, 2nd
U10 RecPlus/U12 Rec Girls White SMS Renegades 2 CSA Tigers White 1st, 2nd
U10 RecPlus/U12 Rec Girls Red LPYSA Patriots 1 Csa Flames 1 2:1
U12 Rec Boys (COED) Clark's Flooring SMS Kraken 4:3
U12 RecPlus Boys (COED) Red BRSA Cobras 1 Blackout 1 2:1
U12 RecPlus Boys (COED) White Blackout 2 LPYSA Titans White 2:1
U12 RecPlus Boys (COED) Blue WSC 03 Orange Classic Boys Fire Storm 2:1
U12 RecPlus Girls CSA Impact White CSA Impact Gold 4:1
U14 RecPlus Boys(COED) Red SMS Savage Buffaloes 1 RealSTM Green 3:1
U14 RecPlus Boys(COED) White RealSTM Red Lightning II 1st, 2nd
U14 RecPlus Girls St. Mary's Total Eclipse St. Mary's Solar Eclipse 2:1
High School - Rec (COED) Red Semi-Final #1 Winner Semi-Final #2 Winner 3:2
High School - Rec (COED) White Five Star Men Nick Bohn 5:2
High School - Premier (Boys) Semi-Final #1 Winner Semi-Final #2 Winner 1:0
High School - Premier (Girls) Ospreys 1 Panthers 6:4
Claire's Cup - Studs (Premier) Next Level Super Gabe 7:3
Claire's Cup - Studs (Classic) Reece's Better Off Coaching 3:1
Claire's Cup - Still Chuggin Along Waldorf Red Devils Predators 4:2
Claire's Cup - Hope 4 Healthy End 1st Place Flight B 1st Place Flight A 5:4
Claire's Cup - Medics on the Ready Running with Scissors SMS Storm Parents 2 8:2
Boys (COED)
Under 8
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 18 (night of Claire's Cup)
Under 8
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 18 (night of Claire's Cup)
Claire's Cup
Claire's Cup (Adults)