Contact Information
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 802
California, MD  20619
Executive Board Members
President Bill Oosterink president@stmaryssoccer.org
Vice President, Travel Alan Buster vp_travel@stmaryssoccer.org
Vice President, Recreation Steve Cassetta vp_rec@stmaryssoccer.org
Vice President, Admin Brian Hawkins vp_admin@stmaryssoccer.org
Treasurer VACANT treasurer@stmaryssoccer.org
Secretary Rich Ruiz secretary@stmaryssoccer.org
At-Large Members
Rules & Discipline Rob Hor rd@stmaryssoccer.org
RecPlus Rob Moore rec2@stmaryssoccer.org
Recreation JJ Lallande rec1@stmaryssoccer.org
Travel Dave Eby travel1@stmaryssoccer.org
Travel Kenny Crim travel2@stmaryssoccer.org
Admin (Fields) Maria Scott admin1@stmaryssoccer.org
Admin Don Blottenberger admin2@stmaryssoccer.org
Professional Training Staff
Director of Coaching Tony Galeano doc@stmaryssoccer.org
Director of Girl's Programs  VACANT doc_girls@stmaryssoccer.org
Director of Boy's Programs Matt Geier doc_boys@stmaryssoccer.org
Director of Goalkeeping Andy Gretton doc_gk@stmaryssoccer.org
Appointed Members
Registrar Dan Skane registrar@stmaryssoccer.org
Equipment Manager Craig Oliver equipment@stmaryssoccer.org
Social Media Manager Bill Oosterink comm@stmaryssoccer.org
Head Referee Ed Barrett head_ref@stmaryssoccer.org
Referee Assignor Pamela Anderson referees@stmaryssoccer.org
Division Coordinators
Kiddie Kick Chanda Norton kk@stmaryssoccer.org
U6 Maria Scott u6@stmaryssoccer.org
U7 Cory Beans u7@stmaryssoccer.org
U8 Kevin Smith u8@stmaryssoccer.org
U9 Don Finch u9@stmaryssoccer.org
U10 Mike Colson u10@stmaryssoccer.org
U12 Bill Coffman u12@stmaryssoccer.org
U14 Bill Gallagher u14@stmaryssoccer.org
High School John Moore HS@stmaryssoccer.org
RecPlus Tony Palangi rp@stmaryssoccer.org